Each month you can reach 100,000+

Divers & Snorklers!
Every month more than 100,000+ divers and water enthusiasts visit DIVE.in

They come to find travel advice, learn about scuba gear, ocean awareness and improve their dive skills.

欧美BBwHD-You can reach those divers
and make them spend money with you!

  • 欧美三级-Dive center operator?

    Do you run a dive center and do you want more paying divers to visit you? We can tailer a solution for you, that will make you known to divers from all over the world

    欧美BBwHD-Are you a Scuba Gear brand?

    People already know of you - we can put you top of mind.
    We can help you with either promoted reviews, sponsored stories or a content marketing plan that will propel your brand to the top of peoples mind.
    Allowing you to dream big

    Every day, we help companies large and small – companies like yours – connect with traveling Divers & Snorklers from around the globe.

    Using our expertise in Diving and Online Marketing, we make advertising and lead generation easy for the companies that decides to work with us!

    Your audience is WORLDWIDE

    No matter what language you speak, your potential costumers are located in all corners of the world.

    With DIVE.in we have built a platform that target divers where they are ~ and reach them when they show interest in diving.

    Our readers mainly come from Google where we are experts in answering their questions ~ and by that enjoy their visits and engagement.

    Monthly readers?

    Our readers are divers!

    From all over the world
    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Asia in general
    • Europe in general
    Their habits
    We know from our Scuba Gear pages and Liveaboard pages - that our audience has a high household income and their purchase patterns show that they are actively spending on gear and travels.
    History and a loyal audience

    DIVE.in started back in 2009 when Torben and Nicolai had a bit too much coffee during a dive-vacation to Bali

    Ever since we've aimed at creating the best Scuba website with loyal visitors. 

    Mutual benefits

    We're into win-win deals. Campaigns that benefit you, us, and even more importantly our readers. Start a conversation today!

    伊人影院蕉久影院在线99-Do you want to advertise to scuba divers from all over the world?

  • Then DIVE.in is your media! We constantly improve and add new articles about diving, scuba guides of high quality and reviews based on real experiences.

    More than 15 authors contribute to DIVE.in and all of them are professional scuba divers with a huge passion.

    We have more than 100,000+ unique visitors each month, more than 84,000 fans on Facebook and beyond 30,000 newsletter subscribers.

    You can communicate your message to all these avid scuba divers with lots of options. If your goal is traffic, increased sales, branding or more bookings in your scuba center/resort; we have the right solution for you!


  • These are the people.
    We had the marketing agency Bottomline Bureau do a survey of our visitors - to better understand them and know their intentions.
    plans to take a Liveaboard trip in the next 12 month
    151,200 USD
    average household income
    Visitors from outside of USA stated their income in local currency. Convertion to USD was done May 2017
    9,538 USD
    Spend on scuba gear and and international dive trips in the past 12 month
    median age of all visitors
    69% says they are married
    are employed
    19% of our visitors work directly in the Scuba industry
    average dives made in a lifetime
    If every dive lasted around 1 hour, that equals around one month spend under water 🙂
    average years of diving
    67% are certified with PADI
    22% are certified with NAUI or SSI

    43% of our visitors are looking to become a certified
    diver or to upgrade their current certification.

    63% ~ 37%
    Male vs Female ratio
    says Google Analytics
    Also according to Google Analytics Segments there are 53% of our visitors that are likely to buy travel related products or services in the near future.
    9 days
    spend yearly on dive or snorkel related vacations
    This number does not include professionals working in the Scuba industry
    Join the conversation with Divers & Snorklers
    Advertising options.
    Our visitors are dedicated and passinate divers that spend time on DIVE.in between dives.

    Contact us to target the audience of divers who are most likely to choose your destination, resort or product/service.

    We have various options for advertising below; but we are always ready to talk with you about unique ideas to suit your exact needs!

    We run DIVE.in with passion. Huge passion and the ambition to create the worlds best Scuba website.

    We'll put this passion into guaranteeing you successful advertising for you!

    100,000+ visitors each month tell us one thing: divers research their travel plans and dive destinations before they go.

    Even small advertising campaigns with us, will have a big impact on your business!

    Banners are dead
    Let's be honest:
    The traditional online banners are dead. Adblockers and banner blindness killed the tactic.

    With DIVE.in you'll get smart advertising that works in 2019 and the years to follow.

    A new age of features.
    Advertorials / Lifetime promoted stories
    We'll create a post that promotes your story! Are you looking for more divers to your resort? Or maybe you'd like to promote diving in your country.

    Together we'll create the best content, and we guarantee maximum promotion to your content and a huge engagement - because that's what good content does!

    The article/guide will get extra exposure on our Social Media channels and is expected to have 5-10,000 visitors in the first month. After this we usually see a fair amount of visitors each month from search engines and repostings on social media.

    Prices from 2,000 USD
    Discount options for a series of advertorials

    Product reviews
    Are you launching a new product for divers or snorklers?

    We can make sure people see your product and learn about all it's features, benefits and why they should buy it.

    Buying a product review doesn't ensures you a positive review, it ensures you a fair and highly promoted product review that will be seens by your potential customers.

    Prices from 1,000 USD

    Banners - in a non-traditional format
    Banners are dead!
    Seriously banners in the traditional form where a page is loaded with top banners, sidebar banners and other kinds of banners, has no effect anymore.

    Therefore we only run tailored and highly unique banner campaigns on DIVE.in where the banners get a unique and solo presence on the site.

    This sort of campaign is completely tailor-made and will get you seen by our 100,000+ monthly visitors.

    Prices from 5,000 USD

    Infographic campagins
    Together with you we will create an amazing and eye-catching infographic and make sure it's marketed toward a large audience of visitors and 3rd party websites.

    Prices from 7,000 USD

    Note - All campaigns are always made to suit your needs and the visitors of this site. We don't just run with a lot of pointless banners or content nobody pays attention to. We find solutions that give results. Promised.
    Reach the audience of divers who are most likely
    to choose your destination, resort or product/service
    My name is Nicolai Loenne and I'm partnership manager here at DIVE.in ~ feel free to contact me for an open dialouque about your advertising needs and target audience. Together we'll find the perfect solution that benefits both your needs, our readers and our goals of building the best website in the scuba niche.

    Contact Nicolai Loenne on [email protected] or use the contact form below

    欧美三级-Drop us a mail





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